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Our Animals

All our animals are free range left to slowly mature on our beautiful chalkland fields. Are grass fields are rich in clover which is a great source of protein for all our animals. Our family have been farming on this land since 1931 which has allowed us to draw from many many years experience on this farm.



Beechcroft Beef

Our herd of Simmental and Aberdeen Angus are crossed with Aberdeen Angus. The cattle are raised on an extensive farming system. Our beef is produced using a traditional method, from a suckler herd. This means the calves are reared naturally by their mothers until they are weaned at around 9 months of age, when they are naturally becoming independent from their mothers. We use a local abattoir so our animals only have a short distance to travel, we use our own transport which the animals are used to, this means there is no stress for the animal. Our beef is then hung for a minimum of 28 days to ensure succulence and flavour.

Please see our Order page to view the variety of cuts we offer.

Beechcroft Lamb

We have two flocks of sheep. The main flock is made up of a mixture of breeds which include Texel (the big, white faced ones!), and Welsh mules (the pretty black and white speckled faced ones!) These ewes lamb in the spring. The second flock is of Dorset bred, which lamb in October, allowing us to offer New Season lamb all year round.

All year round we weigh and grade the lambs weekly, ensuring the meat produced from the lamb is in its prime.

Beechcroft Pork

Our pig herd is a totally outdoor system; they are born, bred, grown and finished outdoors. Our herd is made up of traditional breeds Oxford Sandy and Black (ginger with black spots) and a few Saddlebacks (black with a white stripe across their shoulders). They are slowly matured allowing the flavours to fully develop. We only use shoulder and proper cuts of prime pork in our sausages.

Free Range Chicken & Ducks

We sell Free Range Chicken and Duck available fresh every week from theCreedy Carver family farm in Devon.

EFSIS-FABBL Farm Assurance Scheme
We have impeccable welfare standards and full traceability. Beechcroft are members of the Farm Assured British Lamb and Beef Scheme. The EFSIS-FABBL Farm Assurance Scheme was originally set up in 1992 to give retailers and consumers confidence in British livestock production standards.

Beechcroft Holiday Cottage

Beechcroft also run a 4-star holiday cottage on the farm. Visit the Old Dairy website here >


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